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Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses for Selected Government Officials

Aucoin, Richard, Executive Director, Pest Management Regulatory Agency

Reporting Period: June 2, 2010 to September 1, 2010

The following lists the expenditures for the selected official. Please click on one of the following purposes listed below to view the expenditure's Detailed Report.

Travel Expenses

Date(s)Purpose Total Cost
2010-09-01 to 2010-09-01Mileage expenses incurred during the reporting period of June 2 - September 1, 2010 to attend various meetings in the National Capital Region.$115.47
2010-08-30 to 2010-08-31Attend the Health Canada Senior Management Board Retreat.$530.92
Total travel expenses: $646.39

Hospitality Expenses

DatePurposeTotal Cost
2010-07-14 to 2010-07-141. Assistant Deputy Minister's Breakfast.$173.90
Total hospitality expenses: $173.90